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I'm happy to report that I have almost reached the halfway mark in my fund raising, with 32 days to go. Thank you so much to everyone who has already joined the team!  Your contributions are what will make it possible to tell this story.

But our job is far from over!  If you can make the extra effort to pass this link along you'll help keep the momentum going. 


I am still getting more fascinating stories from visitors to the site, about their families, every bit as exciting as the contributions.  Learning about them is a constant reminder of the importance of preserving this history.

The journey continues...more to come here!

So excited to finally have the Kickstarter page up and running. The initial response is gratifying but I know the job has just begun. I thank everyone who has contributed to this project and encourage you to spread the word!

Equally gratifying are the emails from Jews of Ecuador I've never met who have shared amazing stories that I hope to include in the film.

More on our progress as it continues....Stay tuned!

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